It seems like everyone knows KTVB's meteorologist Bri Eggers. The graduate of Kuna High School is one of a team of metrologists on KTVB. Eggers has been the target of some on social media who've been critical of her attire in recent years. Never one to back down, Eggers answered her critics and was backed up by several on-air personalities.

A look at the career of Bri Eggers

Bri Eggers continues to serve her local community. Here's a brief look at how she got started predicting the weather in Idaho and beyond.

The KTVB meteorologist experimented with what she would wear during her multiple weather forecasts on several KTVB news shows. Eggers revealed that she wore the same back dress for ten consecutive days this week. She bravely shared that a viewer has contacted her, criticizing what she wears. The viewer said that her wardrobe was so unattractive that it distracts from Egger's weather forecast. (An extreme comment that hardly seems rational.)

However, Eggers saw this post as an opportunity to see if what she wears is distracting. She told the KTVB audience, "Honestly, comments about my wardrobe distract me as well. So I wanted to see what would happen if I put all my focus on the forecast." She then wore a seventeen-dollar black dress for ten days straight. The meteorologist says that she usually rents her expensive TV clothes.  


On a lighter note, Eggers did say she washed the dress. "It's not Bri Eggers stinkgate, I did wash the dress," Eggers called her clothing, her armor or work uniform. She then proceeded to present the forecast.  You can view the entire story here.

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