Paulette Jordan is a once in a lifetime candidate, according to the national media.  If elected, she would be Idaho's first female governor.  She would be the first Native American governor in America. It appears that somebody forgot to tell Paulette that, unlike coronations, elections in Idaho are earned.  Last week was another embarrassment for her campaign.  Two more staffers resigned from her campaign last week.  From those resignations, we learned that the former staffers had to sign a nondisclosure agreement.

Which begs the question, is the Hollywood or Idaho?  Why would anyone working for a state candidate in the Gem State be required to sign an NDA?  Those agreements are reserved for the tech industry, not the political one.

The Idaho Republican Party posted on Facebook that Jordan was filming a documentary over the weekend instead of campaigning in Idaho.  Idaho Politics Weekly asked their Facebook followers "Has Paulette Jordan essentially given up?"  Steve Taggart, in the article, points out a lack of paid media for Jordan.

Is Jordan's candidacy a gift for Idaho Republicans?  The answer would be yes.  Her lame efforts will only add to the expected margin of Lt. Governor Brad Little's win.  Democrats down the ballot should be very concerned that Little's margin could already strengthen the GOP's dominance in the House and the Senate.

So much for the blue wave in Idaho.

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