President Trump has been criticized by the politicians and the media.  Yet he continues to be popular with the Evangelical base of the Republican Party.  Here's why. NBC News just declared the president at the most unpopular president after serving a year in office.  The media's coverage of the Trump Administration is 95% negative.  Republican Lawmakers continue to disparage the president for his style.  Yet, why does the GOP Base love Donald Trump?

President Trump is the first president to address the march in person from the White House.  Republican Presidents in the past have always claimed to be Pro Life, but never had the time to address the march in person.

The president didn't mince words when he said today that '“Under my administration, we will always defend the very first right in the Declaration of Independence, and that is the right to life,' reports the Washington Post.

The Pro Life movement now has a president who's actions really do speak louder than his words.  He has the opportunity to appoint and nominate Pro Life Judges and Justices to courts across the country.

In the past, Republican Leaders promised to protect the unborn, but their actions did not match their words.  Donald Trump is a man of action and the GOP Base loves him for it.


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