Why you need to visit the gas station today!  Folks enjoy the last day semi affordable gas.  Tomorrow marks the first day of Idaho's new gas tax which will be seven cents per gallon.  That may not seem like a lot of money at first.  However, add that up over the year, throw your boat or ATV and all of a sudden the money adds up.  Let's not forget the folks like landscapers or salespeople who live in their cars.

Idaho Politicians claim the money will be used to fix the state's transportation system.  They originally wanted 262 million dollars for alleged repairs.  Governor Otter called the need an unfunded mandate that the Gem State couldn't afford to ignore.  So we got a tax hike on the last day of the legislative session.  Got to love our politicians who have given us a tax that will keep on taking from us.

I almost forgot to remind you that the cost of registering your vehicle in Idaho will go up by twenty-one dollars.  Let's hope that our new roads and bridges will last longer than the tax hikes that will pay for them.


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