Idaho is a great state.  It's the fastest growing state in the country.  The Gem State is known for its outstanding quality of life and commitment to individual freedom.  Will that change now that so many people are moving here?  Idaho was America's best kept secret.  The lifestyle here was off the grid and known as fly over country.  That has changed with so many folks fleeing the dilapidated state of California and other Western States.

Have you noticed anything different when traveling around Idaho?  Increased traffic, more houses being built, and schools overflowing with more students that they can handle?

Does this sound like the Idaho that you grew up in or move to?  Unless we build a wall, then were going to have to deal influx of new people moving in.  So how do we stop Idaho from becoming another version of liberal Oregon, Washington, and California?

It all begins with you and your level of commitment to activism.  No, I'm not advocating a march on the capitol.  I'm saying that the days of relying on elected officials to make the right decisions is over.  They're too many folks who may not share your values.

Ada County is Idaho's most populous county.  Like Orange County, California, it was reliably republican red.  Today, most folks do not recognize their beloved county.  That's why it's imperative to hold elected officials accountable.

Republican Insiders have studied the growth of democratic votes in Ada County.  They're rightly concerned that they may one day have to find votes in other counties to keep seats they now hold.

Idaho is a wonderful state worthy of your involvement.  Consider volunteering or perhaps even running for office?  You can make a difference now, but that might not always be the case.

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