The campaign to elect Idaho's next governor heats up with a deluge of negative ads. Will they have an impact on how you vote?
It's campaign season. We can tell because the Treasure Valley and the rest of the Gem State have become either littered or decorated with campaign signs. When we look at our friends and family, after hearing one too many ads on the radio that we've reached go time! Some of these candidates have been running for more than a year or close to it. It's getting chippy. Despite what you hear or read, this is another positive for Gem State Politics.

Gubernatorial candidates are hitting each other with everything but the kitchen sink. Forget the commercials for dentures, home loans, or enhancements; people are tuning in. The question remains will negative ads elect the next governor or congressman?

I believe the voters in the Idaho Primaries are the most in tune, plugged in, and experienced electors in the state. Negative ads may get everyone's attention, but critical thinkers will elect our next public servants.

Or as someone once gave me this advice, I'll share it with you when you consider who to vote for in May. 'I know what you're against, but what are you for?'

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