The state of California is now in lockdown as a result of rising rates of Covid throughout the Golden State.  Just how many people are impacted by the mandatory stay at home order?  Over 30 million Californians will now be working from home, says Reuters.

The new mandate started Sunday night and includes Los Angeles and San Diego. Bars, wineries, hair salons, museums, movie theaters, playgrounds, and amusement parks are among the long list of places that must close. The stay-at-home-order will remain in effect for at least three weeks.

Over one million people have contracted Covid that live in California.  Friday the state hit over 25,000 daily cases.  Hospital capacity is falling below 15% which has caused the California Department of Health and California Governor Gavin Newsome to issue the order.

As expected, the move has drawn criticism from conservatives.  Here's what a local politician told Reuters from their article.

“I feel like it’s absurd. That’s how I feel. It’s a joke. I mean, first of all we are 220 miles away from Los Angeles. And we are geographically isolated and we have no problem ... with overfilled ICU beds,” said Assemblyman Jordan Cunningham, a Republican who represents San Luis Obispo.

He asked why his county should be lumped in with Southern California counties like Los Angeles and Riverside when the San Luis Obispo hospital has just one COVID patient in the ICU. The effect on business has already been devastating, he said. “We’ve got small businesses that are losing everything, everything they have.”

The big question for Idahoans is will the lock-downs come to the Gem State?  Central District Health will vote on new restrictions during their meeting Tuesday night.  We'll ask Governor Little what he thinks tomorrow morning at 8am on KIDO Talk Radio.

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