The Summer of nothing continues to claim another victim.  This week the Caldwell Night Rodeo announced that it would cancel this year's event.  Professional sports leagues worldwide are attempting to come back after the lockdown due to the coronavirus.  Fans are starting to feel optimistic that sports will be back soon.  However, there is a looming question that continues to fester throughout football fans; will there be a college football season?   The NFL has canceled two preseason games and the Hall of Fame Game.  Could the regular season be next or delayed?

What about college football?  It appears that we will see a move by most conferences to move their seasons to the Spring.  Is it speculation on my part?  If you are reading every report, university presidents are concerned about their students' safety and players' safety.  Paul Finebaum, the voice of college football, says a Fall season is unlikely. (You can watch his thoughts here.) I've known and had the privilege of working with Paul years ago.  When he's on to a story, he's usually the first to report it, and he's often right.  What would a Fall look without college football in the Treasure Valley?  Let's hope we don't have to find out.

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