To take the shot, or not to take the shot, that is the question dear friend.  No you didn't miss the big announcement that we now have a Covid Vaccine.  However, if when there is a shot for the Covid, seniors will get it for free reports FOX Business.

The Trump administration Friday announced a partnership with two major pharmacy chains to provide coronavirus vaccines to long-term care residents. The Dept. of Health and Human Services says CVS Health and Walgreens will provide free COVID vaccines to the seniors via on-site clinics at each facility.  CNBC reports states were also required Friday to submit to the federal government their initial plans for distribution of vaccines, once available.

We shall continue to monitor the situation if/when a vaccine is available.  It does beg the following questions.  Should people be required to get the coronavirus vaccine once approved? Are you worried your loved on in a nursing facility will be forced to get one or have to leave? Will you get one?

Shifting gears to flu season, the Centers for Disease Control says anyone 65 or older should get a flu shot.  The CDC says that as we get older, our immune system changes and we become more vulnerable to the flu. However, there is a large movement in Idaho and throughout the country who will not take the flu shot.  Critics call them the anti-vaxers.

Recently, the Idaho Legislature has debated whether or not to make getting vaccines mandatory for school aged children in the Gem State.

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