Bobby Roode's an overnight success that's almost two decades in the making. 

The sports entertainer returns to Boise this weekend as part of the WWE's Smackdown Brand. Roode reveals what it's like to be a sports entertainer.

"I've been in this business for almost two decades," he said. "Sports entertainment is a way of life for me. You try to balance it with family and personal stuff. I enjoy it."

The IT Factor reveals he wanted to be a WWE Superstar as a kid. He knew early on that appearing on untelevised events were a unique part of the business. "Getting into this business it was about being on the road," said Roode. He continued, "it's not just a television star, it's about being in these shows like in Boise. Being on the road and learning wrestling from the live shows was my favorite part of the business in the last twenty years."

Roode provided a preview of what to expect this Saturday night in Boise. "As a talent, we like to get the crowd involved, especially the kids," he said. Roode points out that he and his fellow performers want to make sure that families get their money's worth. "We know how hard it is for people to spend that extra money. Especially for families, who go out and spend their money. As performers of the WWE, we want to put on a great show and have no regrets on spending money to see us."

Roode's road to ring stardom was not guaranteed or a solo act. He credits his time working in NXT, the developmental arm of WWE, with relaunching his career. "I saw a bunch of hard-working guys and girls that have a passion for sports entertainment," reveals Roode.

The hardworking sports entertainer is looking forward to his trip to the Treasure Valley. "It's been awhile since I've been to Boise, I can't wait to get there."

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