It's become common news to report how many people are moving to the Treasure Valley.  All kidding aside, the 10 uncensored reasons you can use to convince anyone why they should not to move to Idaho.Recently, the Boise Guardian published several issues that hinder our quality of life.

Feel free to use any of these reasons to persuade folks that the Gem State is not for them.

1. Jobs/Money  Idaho is not a big money state for most workers.  We're usually one the the states that is known for the most minimum wage jobs.

2. Have you seen the sun lately?  It happens every Summer and we can thank the numerous Western Fires for our poor air quality.

3. Idaho's real estate market is the fastest in the country.  It's also now a place where affordable housing is a thing of the past.  A friend of mine was ten days away from begin homeless because he couldn't find a place to live.

4.  Have you seen our schools?  Local school systems cannot build or tax fast enough to keep up with the growth.

5. Everyone seems to agree that the quality of education Idaho kids get is lacking.

6. Idaho is one of the top states for kids not finishing high school.

7. How about those roads?  We use to joke about the lack of traffic?  The connector is congested and Eagle Road is the place to avoid.

8.  Idaho loves the Republican Party.  There isn't another one of relevance in the Gem State.

9.  The price of gasoline is always higher than neighboring states.  It's a challenge if you depend on your vehicle for business.

10.  Local governments can't handle the growth.  Cities are building too fast and the roads are inadequate for the amount of cars/trucks on the roads.

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