We all know and love our state, whether we're a native or we've come from another state. There's a reason why Idaho is the fastest-growing state in the country. Once people figure out that living in Idaho is not the same as living in Indiana or Iowa, they appreciate the magic of the Gem State's natural beauty.

Idaho is a large state with a small but growing population. Do you remember your perception of living in Idaho and how it compared to when you arrived here? Every person, state, or entity has a perception that may or may not be accurate. We've compiled several factors that shock folks who move to Idaho with the national media in mind.

10 Shocking Things About Idaho

10 unique gems of our great state!

There's No Way You've Heard of These 10 Obscure and Tiny Idaho Towns

While these might be THE tiniest towns in Idaho, they are pretty small in both size and population. Blink and you might miss them!

10 Reasons NOT To Vacation In Idaho

Summer is upon us! The sun is making its return, the kids are out of school, and we're all looking to make plans and finally get out of the house and away from that pestering thing we call "reality." With a whole world of opportunities, there are many places to consider visiting in Summer of 2022. You can go to Florida, you can go see Summertime Chi, maybe even fly down to Mexico, if that's your thing. One place you should NOT visit this summer? Idaho! Here are ten reasons why you should stay far away and plan your destination somewhere else this summer.

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