Here are 10 facts about the Solar Eclipse that you'll want to know before Monday's Solar Eclipse.    Whether you live in Idaho or any state in the path of the eclipse here are a few facts from on the 2017 solar eclipse.

1.  Oregon will be the first state in the path of totality and South Carolina will be the last state.  Folks from all over the country are planning to visit the 10 states where the path of the eclipse will fall.

2. You don't have to be in the path of totality to check out some of the eclipse.  Most states will get to see a partial viewing of the eclipse, according to Astronomy.

3.  The city where you'll see the eclipse the longest is Carbondale, Illinois.  Hard to believe that it will only last two minutes and a little over forty seconds according to experts.

4.The eclipse is so big that you will not need a telescope.  However, you should research thoroughly how to view the eclipse safely and what protective glasses will protect your eyes.

5. The last time we had a solar eclipse was 1979.  Only a few states in the West had a view of the event at that time.

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