Idaho is one of America's best kept secrets.  That secret seams to have spilled out as thousands of Californians move to the Gem State.  Here's five reasons why they should look elsewhere.

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    Cost of Living

    Cost of Living in Idaho is much cheaper than California.  Houses, Energy, Food, and just about everything else is far more affordable for Idahoans.

  • Credit: David McNew, Getty Images
    Credit: David McNew, Getty Images

    Traffic issues

    Traffic issues are rare and minimal compared to hours of car time in California.  The longest commute in the Treasure Valley is thirty minutes and that's on a busy day.

  • Credit: Barry Williams, Getty Images
    Credit: Barry Williams, Getty Images

    The Boise Airport

    The Boise Airport is accessible and you won't be waiting hours in line to get through security screening.  Most airports suggest that you arrive two or three hours before your flight.  Many folks check in and are on to their gates in less than twenty minutes.

  • Credit: Jacob, Townsquare Media
    Credit: Jacob, Townsquare Media

    Idaho People are Friendly

    Idaho People are friendly.  New Gem State Residents are shocked that people will introduce themselves to total strangers.  People will let you give you the right away whether you're in traffic or at the mall.

  • Credit: Brian Bahr, Getty Images
    Credit: Brian Bahr, Getty Images

    Big Major Metro Areas are Far, Far, Away

    Idahoans do not have to worry about big city crime and issues.  The closest major city is Salt Lake City, Utah which is over a five hour drive from the Treasure Valley.

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