Idaho has had a historic run of growth and prosperity since the Great Recession. The state continues to attract thousands of folks who leave their homes to join the Gem State dream. Idaho is so famous that several thousand Oregonians want to move the beaver state's borders to become part of Idaho.

Media and their east coast elitist have panned the Greater Idaho movement since its inception. However, as we've documented here, lawmakers in Boise have begun to recognize the movement as a possibility. That's the magic of Idaho; even the impossible is possible. We commend all the folks who have worked tirelessly to make Greater Idaho a reality.

However, some folks still need to cover some significant hurdles, and we'd like to share these obstacles with you. Yes, concerning the documentation from Greater Idaho, these are five significant hurdles that could stop Greater Idaho's momentum.

Before we get to the big or little five, the editorial from former Oregon Speaker of the House, Mark Simmons, that appeared in the Idaho Statesman has caused another wave of pro-Greater Idaho publicity.

The Speaker reviewed the merits of Idaho for gaining so much land from Oregon: 

Many people are moving to Idaho to gain political refuge from blue states. Adding a large part of Oregon to Idaho would take some pressure off of Idaho's current housing market by giving new people more locations to choose from. It would reduce traffic congestion and reduce the loss of Idaho farmland to suburban housing.

With respect to the Speaker's opinion, does anyone believe that folks from the Treasure Valley would move to Greater Idaho? Plus, more land means more infrastructure. Currently, Idaho's roads and bridges need to be replaced and modernized. 

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