Millions of Americans have been waiting to celebrate the Memorial Day Weekend.  The media coronations this three day holiday as the official kickoff of Summer.  Idahoans and Americans, who have served our nation, understand the real meaning of Monday's national holiday.  Well-meaning, but mistaken citizens, will thank veterans for their service.  Memorial Day is the time set aside to honor those that paid the ultimate price for our liberty.  The members of the military who died for our freedom.

Those brave folks, who valiantly sacrificed their lives, may never felt the joy of getting married, going to a prom, watching their kids graduate from high school or weekend barbecues.   While most of us enjoy the time off from work, millions of others will remember their friends or family members that paid the price for our country.

Whether you go to the official ceremonies in Boise or Nampa on Monday, please take a moment to thank God in prayer that we have so many Americans who gave us our beautiful United States of America.

A heartfelt thank you to all the family members who are missing their loved ones on Memorial Day and every day.  Their service and sacrifice do not go unnoticed.

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