It's been over a year in Covid, Idaho. Remember last year when schools were canceled, graduations canceled, and proms were canceled. 2020 was the year when virtual was our reality. Could we see proms and graduations return to the Gem State? One very special has already happened, this one in a hospital. However, more known for being a hospital, West Valley Medical Center hosted a prom this weekend for two extraordinary Idaho teenagers.

photo courtesy of West Valley Medical Center

Thomas Terry, flew in from Illinois to take Brooklyn Keller, to her prom at Middleton High School scheduled for this month. His prom was canceled in Illinois for the second year in a row due to Covid-19.

West Valley Medical held a prom for two teens who didn't have a prom last year and an emergency appendectomy forced prom to be canceled again in 2021. Who doesn't remember going to the prom? The good, the bad, and the memorable? The staff at West Valley made sure this year's prom would be unique for both patients. They quickly gathered decorations, cheesecake and poured some Shirley temples so two seniors could still have a prom night to remember.

photo courtesy of west valley medical cener

"It was their senior year and the second year of a canceled prom, and I didn't want them to have to miss the special event," said Mel, West Valley Nurse, Medical-Surgical Department, in a release from West Valley Medical Center.

photo courtesy of west valley medical center

"They did whatever they could to make that was amazing to see the amount of compassion," said Lynn, the patient's aunt.

photo courtesy West Valley Medical Center

The hospital reports that "the patient is healing well, memories were made, and the teens are thrilled with the unique prom they will never forget."  Huge props to everyone at West Valley Medical Center for taking the time to care for Thomas and Brooklyn.  Their memories of prom 2021 will last a lifetime.

photo courtesy of west valley medical center

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