As the media continues to promote anarchy in Seattle, the rest of the country continues to struggle with the suggestion by activists and lawmakers that police departments should be defunded and disbanded. We all understand that no one is perfect; however, what happens when there is no police to call when you're in trouble. An area of Seattle has been taken over by radicals that have declared a police free zone. The mayor of Seattle has called the six-block area a 'Summer of love' zone.

Could we see more autonomous zones popping up across the country? What would happen in a world without police? There would be no prosecutions or arrests for the most basic crimes. We would have criminals living by their code as opposed to the criminal justice system that we have in place right now. Laws would be implemented by whoever had the most firearms.

Would you live in such an area? Of course not. America is a country that prides itself on a system of checks and balances. Perhaps the media would like to experience living in a police-less society? We'd all be interested in reviewing their firsthand hand reporting on that one.


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