Is there nothing sacred in our world today?  Forget politics, forget sports, there are some traditions and holidays that shouldn't be attacked.  Thanksgiving is a holiday where we put family first and we travel near and far to celebrate family and this great country we call America. 

Now some folks believe Thanksgiving is causing too much climate change to justify the travel.  With all the people hitting the roads, rails, and sky around Thanksgiving, a writer at Huffingtonpost wondered if it is time to consider scaling back due to the damage the holiday causes the planet.

Speaking to researchers, Alexandra Emanuelli learned that the turkey alone creates the same carbon footprint as the rest of the side dishes combined. Meanwhile, a family of four flying to their destination dumps the equivalent of 10 times the CO2 emissions of the meal itself.Emanuelli feels people should choose smaller and more locally sourced foods and perhaps meet at a location that requires less travel.

Not on board with such an idea was commentator Mark Steyn who brought the article to Fox News viewers' attention Thursday night, ridiculing the premise on Tucker Carlson Tonight.

You can view the interaction by clicking this link right here.  One has to wonder, whether or not anyone will take this article seriously?  Does the writer have a point? How far will you be traveling for the holidays?

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