The ADA County Commissioners voted to extend the state of emergency due to the current freezing conditions and the prospect of more snow.  The vote unanimous and extends the winter weather declaration till January 31st.  If conditions improve, the board of commissioners can end it sooner.

Director of Ada County Emergency Management, Doug Hardman, explained to the BOCC during an open business meeting that because of monumental winter storms over the last nine days there are still significant challenges for the cities, utilities, schools, hospitals and citizens. Hardman said according to the National Weather Service, a similar weather pattern should be expected for the remainder of the month.

Extending the declaration, activates any and all applicable local or intergovernmental disaster emergency plans. It authorizes issuance of orders and regulations to protect life and property, eases purchasing and contracting restrictions by removing the requirement to seek competitive bids and is a prerequisite for a State declaration.

Ada County Emergency Management (ACEM) will continue to provide support to ongoing life safety, incident stabilization and property preservation efforts across Ada County related to the current weather hazard and assist in the continuity of critical local government services.

ACEM is in constant contact with ACHD, the National Weather Service, Health District, Hospitals, Utilities and the Idaho Office of Emergency Management to maintain regional and State situational awareness

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