As other local agencies consider raising taxes, one Idaho agency has decided to give taxpayers a break. Despite the efforts of the legislature to alleviate property taxes, most Idahoans will have to pay more for their property due to rising valuations. Except in one county, that county is Ada County. In a marked change of direction from past decisions by Ada County Commissioners, this year's version has cut your property taxes.

Ada County Commissioners approved the tentative FY 22 budget today during the Open Business Meeting. Ada County's budget includes a $12M cut in property taxes. The commissioners shared the news in a recent release on the upcoming budget for next year.

"This budget includes a historic $12 M property tax cut – the only other time there was a property tax cut in Ada County was 1980, and it was for just $110K, so we are pleased that as far as Ada County is concerned, we believe we should be cutting taxes now, not raising them." Ada County Commission Chair Rod Beck.

"While other taxing entities are raising their taxes, Ada County is providing a significant cut for local residents, and I am pleased we can offer that kind of relief," said Ryan Davidson, Ada County Commissioner.

"Ada County collects your property taxes, but we only keep approximately 20%, and of that, more than 72% goes to public safety and the courts. We think it's important that residents and taxpayers know this," said Ada County Commissioner Kendra Kenyon.

Your tax bill that will be mailed out in mid-November from the Ada County Treasurer's office and will have a detailed breakdown of tax increases levied by cities, the *Highway District and other taxing entities like schools, and fire districts, among others. Your tax bill will have a complete breakdown of these districts.

Perhaps the Ada County tax cut could be a trend that other Idaho cities and counties would like to follow?

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