So it begins.  We've heard speculation on KIDO Talk Radio since a vaccine was in the works that it will be a requirement for just about everything.  Looking to go to work?  Will your employer require you to take the shot?  How about catching a flight?  Folks have speculated that governments will make flyers get the vaccine.  That statement appears to be a reality, but it's an airline, not a government forcing the action. 

Flying in 2021 may require covid shot With the year coming to a close, people are still making plans for travel in 2021. Going my airplane could very well require you get a covid shot once they are available, reports Forbes.

Australia's Qantas Airlines will require passengers to show proof of vaccination if they want to board international flights.  They appear to be the first airlines that flies internationally, but what about American Airlines?  Not the company, but the actually companies that fly in this county.

Delta Airlines is likely to follow the same protocol, as they have said they would do whatever is necessary to make passengers feel at ease.  As you can imagine, the reaction has not been good from the flying public.  Forbes reports the following concerns:

Restricting travelers based on level of vaccination may yield a new level of contention between airlines and passengers as carriers look to balance safety with sentiment. In some regions, the virus and the safety precautions taken around the virus have turned into polarizing topics.

Will you take the shot?  Should it be requirement to fly?  Let us know what you think?  Email me


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