Boise's art scene just got a major boost with the arrival of the Art Guide of Ada County this week.

This amazing new guide is your passport to discovering the incredible art and culture that Boise has to offer. Nelli Garibyan, owner of the Idaho Art Gallery, has partnered with nearly 20 local art spaces, bringing together a celebration of creativity in our community like never before.

How did the Art Guide of Ada County become a thing?

Two years ago, Nelli and her family opened the Idaho Art Gallery in Meridian. "My dad is one of our resident artists, and we also feature a different artist every other month," says Nelli. "To promote the gallery and support other local artists, I had the idea to create a publication called the Art Guide of Ada County."


Nelli partnered with Randy Van Dyke at Capital Contemporary Gallery, and together they created the Art Guide of Ada County. Out of 21 local art spaces, 19 have chosen to participate, so they're off to a really great start.

Now, this isn't just any old guide. It's a beautiful book filled with stunning pictures and stories about our local art galleries and the talented artists behind the works. But that's not all – there's an interactive website too, where you can dive even deeper into the art scene.

The physical publication can be found at all kinds of local eateries and breweries etc. Or you can download it here on their website.

Link to the Art Guide of Ada County

The Art Guide of Ada County is like a treasure map to Boise's art world. It's your chance to explore galleries, discover new artists, and immerse yourself in our city's vibrant culture. And it's a fantastic way to support local artists and connect with more creatives in the community.

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