The world's most lucrative company continues to build its latest fulfillment center in Nampa, Idaho.  You don't have to be a resident of Canyon County to realize the state has never seen anything this big being built in the Gem State.The construction site is so big you can see it on your way to or from Canyon County.  The building is large and so is its promise of economic prosperity.  But at what cost?  The distribution center does not have its own entrance/exit from the free.  Soon the Garrity exit, which is already inadequate, will become flooded with additional Amazon Trucks, Tie Fighters, zooming in and out of their headquarters.  More trucks, means more congestion and don't we have enough of that already?

Published reports indicate that the new roundabout on Franklin and Star will be removed due to increased traffic from Amazon.  Estimates of up to an additional 7,000 additional vehicles will be on the road thanks to the Amazon site.  (Didn't they just put that roundabout in?)  Oh well, it's just your taxes at work.

One has to wonder why not pick as site that doesn't contain tons of retail, a modular home plant, and a giant cheese factory near by?  How about any of the fine exits between Boise and Mountain Home?  Less traffic and near to the airport seems to make more sense.

Could Amazon or the state of Idaho build an exit for Amazon?  If so, what would it cost?  The state has no plans to build an Amazon only exit.  The cost of building an exit would be 140 million dollars.  That's chump change for Amazon.  However, this is a company that pays no taxes while the rest of us pay our fair share.

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