Ammon Bundy has been arrested twice in one day in Idaho. The story has made national news once again. Folks will speculate on talk radio and social media why Mr. Bundy continues to fight the government.

Cliven Bundy Talks To Kevin Miller Part 1
Kevin Miller, Townsquare Media

They'll be comments questioning his motives, and others will not be as diplomatic with their words. If you follow the Bundy case, it's not that difficult to figure out why Ammon continues his fight to hold any form of government accountable. Unlike most Americans, Ammon is not afraid to pay the price for challenging the government.

The Bundy family has stood up before the might of the federal government not once but twice. Ammon's family has been put in federal prison for their actions. Whether you agree with their efforts or not, they've inspired thousands of Americans to join them in Nevada and Oregon. The Nevada situation was so tense that the world witnessed an armed standoff between the feds on one side and armed cowboys/militia on the other. Thankfully, peaceful heads prevailed.  (Read Cliven Bundy's Secret World)

Ammon organized another protest when he and others took over the Malheur Wildlife refuge in Oregon. The standoff resulted in the death of patriot Levoy Fininculm. All of the Bundys were arrested by the federal government and several others who joined him in Oregon. Most legal experts predicted that Cliven, Ryan, and Ammon would spend the rest of their lives in the federal pen. That didn't happen as all of the Bundy's went to court and beat the government at their own game. (Read the AP looks at Ammon Bundy here.)

Instead of spending the rest of his life peacefully in Emmet, Idaho, Ammon Bundy has taken a different path. He has become a force for patriots to rally against the government in Idaho. He has chosen the path of civil disobedience to force change in Idaho. Bundy is willing to pay the price for his actions. Most of us talk a good game; how many of us are ready to be arrested for our beliefs. Agree with him or not, Mr. Bundy walks the walk.

Kevin and the Bundys
Kevin Miller / KIDO Talk Radio

On a personal note, I'm the only media person in Idaho that has covered the Bundys during their standoffs in Nevada and Oregon. I've found all the Bundys to be warm and inviting. Unlike our politicians, they'll listen to you before commenting on an issue.

You can watch a great documentary that details all sides of what happened in Oregon here.

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