Time once again for our annual tribute to fathers. June 19th will be a day of greeting cards, gifts of ties, barbecues and endless Father's Day Sales. However, is it possible to measure the impact our fathers have on our lives? Probably not, yet we should never take for granted the unconditional love dads dole out daily.

  Many years ago, America was less transient and more traditional. We traveled less, and the family dinner was the rule, not the exception. Today we've redefined families, and we live all across America. Now more than ever, we must make sure we tell our dads how much they mean to us. Easier said than done, I know. We all plan to say all these extraordinary things, and when the time comes we forget, or we tell ourselves 'maybe next time.'

Thank you to all the Fathers who embrace their responsibility as the leader of the family. Who work hard, so that their kids can live in a safe and stable home. Who spend money on new shoes, work 2 or 3 jobs or are away working to make sure that their child has a better life. He works his other job while his family enjoys a vacation. A Father continues to work to pay for college, a wedding or a down payment on a home.

We don't give signing bonuses to Dads, but we should. We should put them on magazine covers for understanding that their lives are their kids. Easier said than done, in today's self-indulgent me first society. We cannot take good fathers for granted anymore. So a kind suggestion on Father's Day or any day. Tell Dad how much you appreciate everything that he's done for you. We can recite the material gifts; the real gifts are the ones that stay with us forever. Like how to ride a bike, change the oil in your car, or having a plan when we have families of our own.

To all the Dads, thank you and we love you.