Boise State Head Football Coach Andy Avalos knows what it's like to perform at the highest levels. Before taking the gig, Avalos was considered one of the country's best defensive coordinators.

He succeeded at Boise State as a defensive coordinator because he did more with less; the coach will have to do more of the same if he's to follow the path of Chris Petersen, Bryan Harsin, and Dan Hawkins.

The 39-year-old will face a much different world than his predecessors. As we first reported here, the NIL will change college football forever. The coach will now have to motivate players to work at practice, study hard in school, and balance the lucrative world of social media and endorsements while staying eligible for their sport. How do you tell a 19-year kid not to better themselves by making more money on Tik Tok?

Throw in the rise of the AAC Powers such as UCF, Cincinnati, Memphis, and others; one could say this is not the same good old days when Boise State owned the title of beating the big boys. So what are the expectations for the young Avalos staff this fall?

The Athletic's Chris Vannini reviewed the entire Bronco roster. He says the strength of the team could be the defensive line. At the same time, the offense will win or lose games on whether Hank Bachmeier or Jack Sears wins the starting quarterback job. Both quarterbacks struggled to stay on the field last year due to injuries. Neither player has shown the 'it factor' in spring practices.

How big of an act does Avalos have to follow? The last three Boise State Coaches have had an impressive winning record working on the Blue. All eventually left the program for more prominent programs Hawkins (Colorado), Petersen (Washington), Harsin (Auburn). Vannini breaks down the winning percentages of the former coaches.

Chris Petersen leads the field, winning 88 percent of his games, followed by Dan Hawkins 82 percent and Auburn's new coach Bryan Harsin 78 percent. Is there a team that can boast that their last three coaches had such an impressive percentage of wins?

Avalos has worked hard to get where he is at such a young age. It will be up to the players and staff to follow his example if Boise State hopes to continue its path of past successes.


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