The tables have quickly turned on the Vaping industry.  Locally a town hall meeting was held at Boise State University where the dangers of Vaping were discussed by a national expert.  Now another state has decided to ban the sale of all Vaping products.  Massachusetts is the latest state to enact a ban on e-cigarettes, declaring a four-month ban on the sale of vaping products and devices on Tuesday. Unlike the bans issued in New York and Michigan, Massachusetts is banning the sale of virtually all vaping products, not just flavored ones. Gov. Charlie Baker declared a public health emergency and promised to "work with our medical experts to identify what is making people sick". Many in the country wonder whether Vaping will continue?  Has this 2019 epidemic scared you off vaping?  Is it time for a nationwide ban?

Nationally the Centers for Disease Control continue their warnings against Vaping.The CDC says hundreds more cases of vaping-related illnesses, as well as another confirmed death, have been reported in the last week. The latest death involves a Kansas man, described as over the age of 50 with underlying health conditions.

It's the second death reported in the state and ninth overall in the U.S. Health officials still don't know the cause of the outbreak, but some studies link it to high levels of Vitamin E found in many vaping products.   Multiple states have issued bans on vaping products, and Walmart announced last week it would stop selling electronic cigarettes. Is it time for a nationwide ban on vaping?  Why do you think so many illnesses are suddenly popping up this year?

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