I used to laugh when people would get protective and wish no one knew how special our little corner of the world is.  Now I've joined the "oh no, don't tell them about Boise" club, and it's happened again.

Curbed.com has found out about our little secret, and now they've made us one of the "Top 10 Best Places to Move to Now!"

They refer to us as "A mountain vista that offers the outdoors and new business opportunities" and that really has been proven to be true.

They note that there really isn't anything needed to sell the city outside of its own charm and appeal with our explosive economic growth and population growth over the past 7 years that was triple the national average.

They mention the cranes and construction projects downtown and even the theoretical trolly service and potential stadium developments.  In addition, the point to the growth in North End, Boise Bench, and all the development on the northeast side of Boise, not to mention Meridian as the neighborhoods that are popping.

I did think it was cool to see some national exposure for the Basque Block since that is often overlooked or not known even to people who have lived here for some time.  They must have talked to some locals too, since they know about and recommend exploring Horseshoe Bend.

It is kind of cool to see someone who loves on your city and some cooler deep-dive quality stuff being share, but I can't deny, I'm becoming one of those people who don't want "my private Idaho" to be too compromised...by people...like...me.

I moved here a little over five years ago.  I'm part of the "problem."

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