The Flu Season is in full force hitting the Treasure Valley, Idaho, and the rest of the country with a fury.  Did you get a flu shot?  Have you noticed that sometimes folks that get the flu shot actually get the flu?  Last weekend, I spent a good deal of my Saturday afternoon at the urgent care with my wife, who like everyone else, got a flu shot and still contracted the flu.  So as I was watching the several people visalby sick and wearing the surgical masks over their faces, I thought is the flu shot really worth it?

So we asked you what you thought Friday Morning during the Kevin Miller Show on KIDO Talk Radio.  The calls were about fifty / fifty on whether or not the flu shot was worth it.  So, if you missed the show, why not ask you whether or not you would get the flu shot.  Do you believe it's worthwhile?

Vote here and we'll share your thoughts Monday Morning.


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