Apparently, yeah.

A recent study confirmed that when compared to Android users, Apple users are terrible drivers.


The finding was recently confirmed in a 2022 study conducted by Jerry.

Jerry? Who’s Jerry? We don't know him from Tom, so why does his opinion matter?

Since you asked, Jerry’s both genderless and sans pronouns. But to be fair, most insurance companies are.


Launched in 2019, Jerry's a car insurance company with a vested interest in understanding their customers' quirks and tendencies.

Anything to raise a premium, right?

In May of this year, Jerry pursued the answer to a question that's bedeviled us since the dawn of the smartphone.

Some locals are calling it the plot twist of the century.

Others say the study was as rigged as the 2016 election.

Regardless, 62.5% of Idahoans were just called out by none other than…factual data.



Jerry maintains their results are free of passion and founded in the careful observation of 20,000 drivers across 8.1 million miles.


The 2022 study found Android users outperformed Apple users in every area surveyed. The categories were overall safe driving, speeding, distraction, turning, braking, and acceleration.

Apple users delivered the greatest margin in the distracted driving category. Interestingly, recent data released by the Idaho Transportation Department affirms the chief cause of car accidents in the Gem State is distracted driving. Android users also refrain from holding their phone while driving, whereas Apple users tend to be glued to theirs behind the wheel.


In short, Jerry’s study coupled with data from the Idaho Transportation Department seems to suggest Apple users aren't just crumby drivers. It's possible they could be the driving force behind the majority of distracted auto accidents in the state of Idaho.

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