Boise Police have arrested a man believed to be responsible for the vandalism of Abraham Lincoln's statue in Julie Davis Park. The attack on the beloved figure occurred in February and drew local and national attention. One political group spoke to the media defending their actions as free speech.

Boise Mayor Lauren McLean did not see it that way at the time. She issued her thoughts in the following release: "Vandalism is a crime, never appropriate, and those committing these crimes will be held accountable," said Mayor Lauren McLean. "At a time when our democracy is fragile, this is particularly disturbing as President Lincoln sought to keep our fractured nation together and to address the scourge of slavery - losing his life for it. On the first day of Black History month, it's essential to honor those in our community, reflect on our past, and work together for a better future. This terrible act detracts from progress and is an affront to those who toil daily for civil rights."

How did they catch him? Boise Police released the details of their investigation in a press release. Police found electronic and physical evidence linking the suspect to the crime.

City prosecutors issued a warrant for the arrest of Terry Wilson. He ran when Boise Police approached him. The Boise Police did catch the suspect after a chase. Officers found marijuana, a firearm and drug paraphernalia. Boise Police booked Wilson in the Ada County Jail. He's awaiting his court date and is innocent till proven guilty. The investigation is ongoing and additional arrests are expected, reports the Boise Police in their news release.

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