Although it may seem like fun to attempt to drive these snow mounds.  It could cause damage to your car.  Why you should punt on trying to drive through or over them.

As the authorities continue to plow local roads, a side effect is occurring.  That would be these magical snow mounds that are at the end of your driveway or in the middle of your street.  I found a two foot snow mound at the end of my driveway Friday night in sub zero degree weather.  (Silly me, I thought I'd make a run to the store while everyone was in for the night.

I fought the urge to try and drive through it and so should you.  While it may be fun to pretend to be a snowy version of the 'Dukes of Hazzard', these mounds can cause real damage to your vehicle.  Because of the extreme cold conditions, the mounds are really hard.  If you have a regular size car, driving through the ice could cause you to rip off your spoiler.

Who wants to deal with that when it's 14 below?  So avoid the ice mounds and make sure you shovel a path into your driveway.  Your car will thank you for it.

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