The end of the Labor Day weekend equals two things.  The unofficial end of Summer and every four years the final push for the White House.Former Vice President Joe Biden recently made a statement that has turned  bipartisan concerning his comments about a possible vaccine for the COVID.   Biden now says he'd take the shot after backpedaling over another set of controversial comments.  The Democratic nominee originally said he would be reluctant to take a vaccine because he doesn't trust the Trump Administration.

Biden now tells CBSNews that he'd take the shot tomorrow if it was available.  Biden's originally comments came under fire from President Trump who has hinted that there could be a vaccine before election day.  It's troubling in COVID America that Biden would try to politicize a possible protection from COVID.

As we approach the presidential and vice presidential debates, expect to see unprecedented rhetoric from both sides.  Recently, failed 2016's Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton urged Biden not to concede if he lost the election.  Another irresponsible comment in the highly politicized hyper media world that we are currently living in.

The president is currently trying to fight a recent wave of bad publicity from two sources.  One being an article in the Atlantic and the newly released book by former Trump attorney Michael Cohen.  Mr. Cohen is doing the television circuit making irresponsible allegations that the president will not give up power even if he loses the election.  Sadly, Mr. Cohen's statements and writings have not been challenged.

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