He's back, former Vice President Joe, Bumblin, Biden has once again entered the national spotlight for something he said.  As usual, it's not a good thing.  Biden was giving a speech at the University of Miami and unloaded on the president.  (You can watch his comments here.)  It's, at the very least unfortunate, that someone who has achieved so much would stoop to such a low level.  I had interviewed Former Vice President Biden when he was a senator and found him to be engaging.

A threat against the president cannot be trivialized or dismissed.  Could you imagine the outrage from the Liberal Progressive Bunch if Donald Trump had said those comments to Biden?  President Trump did respond to Biden on Twitter and seemed to be in good spirits about it.

I believe Biden regrets not running for president in 2016.  Joe had his chance and chose not to run against Hillary Clinton.  We'll see if Joe decides he wants a political shot at President Trump.

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