Recently best selling author Bill O'Reilly spoke with KIDO Talk Radio's Kevin Miller during his morning show.  Mr. O'Reilly shared his thoughts on today's political climate, what it takes to succeed in today's America and his new book 'Killing the SS.'Mr. O'Reilly revealed that prior to becoming a television and best selling author, he was a history teacher.  He shared his concern that history is not being taught like it was when he was a student or when he taught school.

"You go out on the streets of Boise today, and you say hey, what do you guys think about the SS?  And you're going to get blank stares.  Because they don't teach it in schools, the Holocaust, everyone's heard of it, they really don't know what it was or how it happen.  And the reason why we should know is that we're seeing a rise of evil in America today," Mr. O'Reilly said to Kevin Miller.

You can hear the entire interview with Bill O'Reilly and Kevin Miller here.  It starts at 19:31


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