There are a lot of good kids out there and this young man Topher has decided to fundraiser for the Lonesome Larry Project which protects and will help restore the Salmon population here in Idaho.

Help save Sockeye Salmon, Salmon make an incredible journey from Idaho to the ocean and back. So this 11 year old young man in Boise has decided to do something about the issue that we are dealing with that Sockey Salmon are not returning like they use to. According to Fish and Game that after being kept on biological life-support for more than two decades, Idaho’s iconic sockeye salmon are making a comeback. This is great news but there is still a long way to go.

So Topher decided to start a fundraiser where he sells Sock-EYE-Socks, these would make a great Christmas gift, and it's Idaho specific so perfect for someone who lives here.

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Check out this note from Topher on joining his mission.

Please join me in my mission! People can help save the Sockeye Salmon and other threatened fish by buying one or more of our Sockeye Salmon socks. My family has already donated $500 to help fund research and conservation efforts at non-profit partner organizations based in the Western USA including the Idaho Fish and Wildlife Foundation.

You can buy the Sock-EYE socks by clicking the button below.

This was my favorite line from his story:

I want these fish to be around for the day when my kids grow up. Please consider helping Salmon by buying socks!

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