An Idaho doctor says she was threatened by the family of one of her patients for refusing to use the drug Ivermectin while under her care. Intensive Care Units across the state are being overrun with Covid patients.

Healthcare professionals continue to tell the public they're at the breaking point. Meanwhile, the state continues to allow large gatherings such as concerts, rallies, and sporting events.  

Buzzfeed News reports that Her patient's son-in-law threatened Doctor Ashley Carvalho due to not using the Ivermectin. She told the publication that police had to be called to removed the folks from the hospital. The doctor shared the threat to the online publication. 

 "If you don't do this, I have a lot of ways to get people to do something, and they're all sitting in my gun safe at home."

Her eyes welling with tears, she took a selfie and sent it to her fiancé: "It's going like this," she wrote.


Doctor Carvalho wrote an editorial that was published in the Idaho Statesman.  

Here's how she described the incident:

An hour before taking this picture, I received a slew of verbal abuse from a patient's family members who called me an incompetent doctor, threatened me with physical violence and demanded I give them my name and medical license number so they could sue. This was because I refused to prescribe Ivermectin, which is not proven to treat COVID-19 and is recommended only in clinical trials at this point. Hydroxychloroquine, which current research suggests is not effective or safe in treating COVID-19. My patient was struggling to breathe, but the family refused to allow me to provide care. A call to the police was the only solution.


The doctor went on to describe the mental health challenges for those workers in the ICUs. There doesn't appear to be any relief for them during the current Covid delta surge in Idaho.  Here's a look at how the national media is portraying our situation.




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