The Boise Greenbelt is one of our area's indescribable attractions. The Greenbelt combines the call of nature with a safe place to exercise in the heart of Boise. The safety of Boise's beloved escape is being threatened by excessive speed and electric vehicles.

The latest incident involves a seven-year-old little boy being injured by a bicyclist. The boy's mother told a local television station that she worries about the safety of families on the Greenbelt. She says that her son was hit by a bike rider who ran into him from behind. The biker said he was sorry, didn't give his name, and quickly peddled away from the scene.  

Several folks have contacted us, raising concerns that standard safety and courtesy are not being followed by many on the Greenbelt. They say that safely walking is more of a challenge due to scooters and e-bikes that speed through the twenty-five-mile path.

Motorized vehicles are allowed on the Greenbelt; however, those vehicles are supposed to be traveling at standard or slower speeds. Suppose you've walked on the Greenbelt lately. In that case, you know that scooters, bikes, and e-bikes are traveling at unsafe speeds, endangering pedestrians, senior citizens, dog walkers, and families with young children pushing strollers.  

One daily Greenbelt walker emailed us directly, pleading their case about the speeds of e-bikes. "The crazies on the e-bikes make my walk around the Greenbelt filled with anxiety. You would not believe how fast these hooligans riding their motorcycles are going on a path for walkers!"

A mother of three worries that she'll have to find another place to take her children. "E-bikes are for the road, not the Greenbelt! It's time Boise took action and banned them!'

Do you use the Boise Greenbelt? Is it time for e-bikes to ban e-bikes on the Greenbelt? Let us know your thoughts; if you see a problem, here's how to report it to the proper authorities.  

If you have concerns about Greenbelt safety please call Boise Parks and Recreation at 208-608-7600. To report suspicious activity on the Greenbelt or another park facility, call Boise Police dispatch at 208-377-6790. If it is an emergency, dial 911 immediately.

Click here for more information on the Boise Greenbelt. 

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