It's that time of year again when the Boise River is running fast. If you use the Greenbelt in Boise, you've seen the levels at historic levels. We hope to avoid the threat of flooding that our area faced a few years ago. 

Remember when we had Ada County, ACHD, and the state set up barriers along the Boise River because the levels were too high? Homes were flooded, and some businesses in Eagle worried that they too could face the flood waters.

Our historic snowfall means rivers, canals, and other waterways are cold, fast, and dangerous. Boise has closed several areas of the Greenbelt due to safety and flooding. 

For the first time in several years, the Boise Fire Department has issued a "Dangerous River Condition" notice. What does that mean? Let's break it down for you; however, it is all about common sense. 

Keep yourself and your pets out of the water; we see this during quiet times when folks jump off the bridge, go rafting, or have their pets jump on the river. It's too dangerous for those activities. The water is too cold for swimmers or pets, so your muscles will freeze if you find yourself in the water.

The increased flow means there's more debris in the water which can cause injuries or sink your boat.  The water level is so high that the clearances are reduced under bridges. If you're not in the water, you have nothing to worry about; if you're in a boat or find yourself headed for a bridge, you're in big trouble. The river banks are soft, which means you could find yourself in the cold water if you're too close to the edge.     



"Although we are not yet at flood stage (7,000 cfs), we want the public to be aware of the dangers associated with increased Boise River flows, as our greatest concern is for the safety of the public and our first responders." Paul Roberts, Special Operations Division Chief.

The Boise Parks and Recreation issued more guidelines in a recent release. 

"At this time, Boise Fire recommends not to recreate in the river, as these conditions can be life-threatening. Keep pets leashed near the river as they may chase other animals/wildlife into the swift water and be swept away rapidly. 

Please note a few portions of the Greenbelt managed by the City of Boise are closed due to water over the pathway, and detours are in place where possible. Click here for the latest Greenbelt information and to view an interactive map."

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