We all love animals, or at least most of us love animals in Idaho. Boise City Councilman TJ Thomson has introduced legislation that will change animal laws in Boise. The new law would provide immunity for those who 'break' into a vehicle during the hot Idaho days to rescue an animal reports Ch7.

One part of Thomson's bill that is not being overly reported is that it's the end of Boise's circus. Yep, no lions, tigers, bears, or elephants in the city of trees if this bill goes through. Other towns/cities have given the circus the boot; Boise would be the state's biggest city to say no to the circus. Thomson is quoted as calling it animal abuse.

The outgoing Boise City Council move echos the motivation of the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. The group openly brags about their efforts that drove Ringling Brothers and Barnum Bailey Circus to its end. It took PETA 36 years to destroy 146 years of family-friendly entertainment.

Animal safety is a hot topic in Idaho but in Utah, where the state legislature is considering a bill that would make it illegal for dogs to be transported in the back of pickup trucks. (On a personal note, I wouldn't say I like it when folks have their dogs, secured or unsecured, in the back of pickup trucks. I really have an issue with it when the dogs are on the freeway or high-speed roads.)

Thomson's bill would limit selling animals to pet stores that have met certain criteria. You can read more about the article here.


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