Editors Note: KIDO Talk Radio has reached out, and is as of publication yet to receive a response from Mayor McClean's office, for comment - Daniel Ritz, KIDO Talk Radio Digital Managing Editor


Tuesday night, two groups exchanged opposing views in front of Boise City Hall.  One group advocating defunding the police, while the other group, carrying American flags, were there to support the police.  According to every media report KIDO has been thus far, it was a spirited but peaceful event. However, that was not the case according to a written statement issued by Boise Mayor Lauren McClean. The mayor said that it was a hostile environment last night by the folks supporting law enforcement.

"Last night our community witnessed – and many of our residents experienced – physical violence and intimidation by counter-protesters during a Black Lives Matter peaceful protest was the goal of the protesters who gathered – to speak their truths and call on us as leaders to take action. We have a right to do this, without intimidation and fear of violence, and it's movements like we see right now that have spurred progress throughout our history."

If the mayor is correct and there was violence and intimidation, we should have a police report on the number of people who were arrested for their crimes?   Those people will be prosecuted for their actions, if true.

She continues to describe what happened in Boise.  Was this a firsthand report from the mayor?

"Last night’s gathering would have been similar if not for the efforts to intimidate, and potentially incite additional violence, by counter protesters. I condemn those who showed up in our community under the guise of “protection” and instead intimidated, shouted epithets and white nationalist slogans, and in some cases physically assaulted protesters. There is no room for this in our city. There is no room for this in our democratic society that enshrines the right to protest peacefully, dialogue constructively, and come together to build a stronger and more just community."

However, if there were no arrests, Mayor McLean owes it to the city that elected her to name specific incidents that she alleges.  On the contrary, we've heard from folks that were called names who attended the event seeking to support the police and have a conversation.  Will the mayor stand up for their rights as well?

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