The rumored restrictions that Boise Mayor McLean would implement have become a reality.  McLean today issued new 'guidelines' in response to the growing rate of Covid infections in Idaho's capitol city.  The critics of the mayor said that there would be great penalties for citizens who did not comply with mask mandates.  They were proven correct as the mayor decreed new enforcement procedures.  She shared in a press release that Boise Police will be available to handle folks and businesses who do not comply with her orders.

From the office of the mayor:

If you are a business that needs support enforcing your COVID-19 protocols, call the Boise Police Department non-emergency dispatch at 208-377-6790.

Boise Police will be available to issue a citation or arrest an individual who won’t comply with a business’s protocols once the individual has been asked to leave the business. BPD will respond at the request of the business for assistance.

The city will also partner with Boise residents who have concerns about businesses that refuse to follow public health orders. We want to know who is putting the health and safety of this community a risk. Residents will be able to file a complaint against a business where staff or patrons won’t comply with COVID-19 emergency health orders.

Residents who want to file a complaint against a business should call the City Clerk at (208) 608-7040.

The mayor referenced last Friday's announcement by Governor Brad Little moving Idaho back to State 2 of reopening.  Click the link here for a complete list of what is closed and restricted effective November 23rd.

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