According to a release from the mayor's office, Boise Mayor Lauren has lifted some of the Covid restrictions in the city of Boise and for public events. The mayor has sent out a release early this week criticizing how the public has treated her and other elected officials.



In her prior release, the mayor said she doesn't feel safe anymore and has lost her sense of privacy. Today's release will go into effect Monday. In addition to giving the mask mandate the boot, Mayor McLean announced that she would be lifting other restrictions that she put into place during the Covid lockdowns. Many Idahoans have been critical of her leadership, and some have called her tactics heavyhanded.  

The mayor explained her reasoning for lifting the controversial and much-criticized mandates. Several venues would enforce her directives by only going through the motions.

"I have always been committed to ensuring that each city employee and every resident who walks into our buildings or attends an event with their family can feel safe. COVID-19 numbers are down and staying down, which means I can make this change," said Mayor McLean.

"We didn't get here by accident. I'd like to thank everyone who was willing to think of their community, maintain physical distancing, and simply put on a mask when going into a public building. Together, we helped make this a safer and healthier city for everyone."

The mayor's office provided an updated directive on her new health protocols starting Monday:

  • Face masks in city facilities are optional for staff and visitors.
  • These include Boise City Hall, City Hall West, the Boise Public Library, branch libraries, recreation facilities, water renewal facilities, and city office buildings.
  • Masks are still required at Boise Airport due to federal guidelines.
  • Physical distancing requirements are no longer in effect.
  • Gathering size limitations are no longer in effect.
  • COVID-19 special event requirements are no longer required.

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