Boise State Athletic Director Jeramiah Dickey met with two reporters recently to discuss the challenges of funding the Bronco Athletic program. Mr. Dickey candidly outlined the years ahead for the Broncos in the new world of college football. (Mr. Dickey spoke with Bronco Nation News and the Idaho Press.)

"My job from the very beginning was to improve upon what I was inheriting. The foundation is there. The brand is there. Sometimes you have to invest and that's been part of our vision and part of the path that we've defined."

Boise State's athletic director has successfully raised money for needed improvements throughout the entire athletic department. The challenge is that the world of college football has changed due to the transfer portal, name, image, and likeness. Mr. Dickey has raised millions for improvements during his brief time here. He emphasized the tough financial situation Boise State faces.

Like many schools, the pandemic had a detrimental impact on the Bronco program. The loss of paid attendance during those years continues to haunt the program. Mr. Dickey spoke about the importance of multiple revenue streams and why the band did not travel with the team to Texas. (It was reported that it would cost over $400,000 for the band travel to the Frisco Bowl.)

"When you look at our budget, we are like many other schools. Every dollar that is essentially saved is already spent on something else. That's the challenge; my job is to make fiscally responsible decisions. When you look at the overall cost, that was a challenge for us at this time."

Mr. Dickey provided a rare insight into the financial health of the Bronco Athletic program, where money counts more than wins and losses. He reminds the public that every dollar counts towards the program's success.

"It's not like there's this massive savings account. Why I'm continuing to push the fundraising and why I'm continuing to push six games, six sellouts is that it matters. Every time we sell a ticket, it matters. We do not have a money tree."

It's refreshing to hear Mr. Dickey be candid about the financial state of the university's sports program. It is not easy to win trust and dollars from a community that is new to you. It requires a lot of dedication and vision that most of us lack. We wish him success in his endeavors.

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You can watch the entire interview below courtesy of Bronco Nation News.




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