Thursday night's loss to UFC or UCF was not a loss for the Boise State Broncos. Although the scoreboard indicates the Knights beat the Broncos in a thriller, Andy Avalos has Boise State on the right path this season.

If I'm a UCF or UFC Fan? I have buyer's remorse with the Guz Bus. The national media will focus on how Boise State blew a 21-0 lead allowing UFC/UCF back into the game. That narrative is only part of the story. The real story of Thursday night's game is one of potential and promise.

Boise State, on paper, had no business almost beating Central Florida. UCF?UFC Coach Malzahn is a former SEC Coach who has taken advantage of the transfer portal by attracting a significant amount of talent from the Power Five schools. The Knights didn't have to travel over two thousand miles and had the advantage of playing at home and humidity. (Never underestimate the power of humidity, true believers.)

Those advantages were nullified by a tenacious defense that bent but did not break in the first half. Remember, the Gus Bus is all about wearing the defense down. Boise State's defense did not wear down last night in fact; they kept the Broncos in the game till the very end. Yes, the second half was a disaster for the offense.

However, if the Bronco receivers and defensive backs didn't drop a few passes, Boise State would've beaten UCF/UFC despite all of their advantages. Let's go over the tape true believers, a really long road trip, a three-hour weather delay, a first-year coach, a first-year staff, a first-year athletic director; this group shows tremendous promise. Check out athletic director Jeramiah Dickey providing analysis during the pregame on KTVB.

On another note, is it a wise idea to be taking a class during a rain delay?  Most folks commend BSU's Hank Bachmeier  for taking a class during the rain delay.  Call me old school, but the quarterback should've been focused on the game plan instead of 'fitting in a class.'  Perhaps more preparation before the game would've prevented that fourth quarter interception?


I believe if this game was played again at the end of the season, and who knows, it might happen, we'd see a dominant Boise State team. Bronco Nation has a lot to look forward to this season.

Editor's Note: Wasn't it weird last night seeing UCF/UFC's sideline maskless and on the other side seeing the BSU Staff masked up?

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