Boise State University has begun the process of rebuilding its athletic programs.  A year ago the Broncos had a coach and athletic director with deep ties to the community.  Recently, the university introduced its new athletic director from the NCAA Powerhouse Baylor University.  The new AD appears to be a nice man who says all the right things at his introductory press conference.  Who doesn't say we're going to win championships?

However, the uneasy alliance of the Bob Kurstra, Gene Bleymaier, Chris Petersen days are long gone.  The new president of Boise State does not have a long history in athletics.  The search for a new football coach reached the Fox Sports NFL Game of the week when retired Dallas Cowboy Troy Aikman told the world that Kellen Moore had accepted head coaching job and Boise State before turning it down.  You can watch the clip below.  You can read about it here.

The local press should've never entertained such a farce.  Kellen Moore is an excellent coach who at 32, has outkicked the coverage when it comes to jobs in the NFL.  He has a bright future in the NFL.  Coming back to Boise, without an experienced athletic director or university president would've been a bad call at the line of scrimmage.  Which brings us to the current state of athletics/revenue that Mr. Dickey has to solve.

The university needs money.  It has taken to airing radio ads asking people to donate to support BSU Athletics during a pandemic.  That's a tough ask considering people have lost their jobs because they can't work.  Boise State has never been blessed with a deep well of big money boosters.  The program succeeded because of doing more with less.  Now BSU will have to do work with less is more.  You can see the ad below.

Here's a link to the donate page if you have some extra money.  Boise State will need to reinvent itself.  The AAC has replaced the Blue as the media favorites to represent the Group of Five schools.  The Broncos has not been in a post season game that mattered since 2014.  BYU pummeled them at home 51-17 this year. Let's not forget eliminating the team pastor because an out of state special interest group complained.

The Harsin Era was dubbed good enough.  Good enough is no longer acceptable.  Hiring a new football coach is just the beginning of the road to recovery.  What is needed is real leadership and a commitment to the community.  It's now fourth and goal.  We're all waiting to see what happens next.


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