Boise State is joining the let people drink club during their athletic events, as the majority of the sports media reported recently. Most of the happy sports radio folks happily said that you'd be able to drink freely at all Bronco games.

The move towards allowing fans is a significant change in direction for a very family-friendly fan experience. Idaho is a state where you have many folks that do not drink because of religious reasons. They don't want to be around a lot of folks who love the booze.

Boise State was a school that won football games on the field. Today with the arrival of Marlene Tromp and Jerimiah Dickey, it's about revenue, branding, corporate partnerships, and revenue generation. Has anyone noticed there is no link to the past in the new regime? Where's Gene Bleiymeyer, Chris Petersen, or Curt Apsey?

Doctor Bob Kustra benefitted from a staple of Broncos who helped provide him context and direction in guiding the program through unprecedented growth. The last remnants of the old Broncos left with Bryan Harsin. They've all been replaced by the new folks that tell us where they've worked before traveling to Boise.

We have new hires that tell us they've worked in the 'Big Time' of college football like Alabama and other exotic places. Boise State was big-time football when Petersen, Kellen Moore, and the crew traveled East of the Great River beating Virginia Tech and Georgia close to their home stadiums. Perhaps, I'm a get off the lawn old guy? However, one size doesn't fit all when it comes to college football.

Boise State Athletic Director Jeremiah Dickey praised the move in a release: "Our goal is to provide an elite fan experience on game day," Dickey said. "Bronco Nation directly impacts our student-athletes, and ultimately, the outcome of games. My hope is that today's announcement continues to generate excitement and helps us fill the stadium."

So an elite experience on game day involves Coors or Jack Daniels? I thought an elite experience was winning games, bringing your kids to a game where they don't have to worry about folks being under the influence of alcohol. The more people drink, the rowdier they get, and then we have the violence?

What's next selling the weed at games? Boise State appears to be sensitive to its move towards the booze. They're starting a drink responsibly campaign on game day. If drinking is welcomed, why do you need the campaign to teach people how to drink responsibly?

Perhaps, Boise State needs the money from the big boozers? I do fear without a healthy respect for the past and Boise State traditions, the program's future could be in jeopardy.

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