It's been a rough weekend for the administration at Boise State University. The school's football teams lost to a team that hadn't won in Boise since 1997. If the Broncos have won that game, most experts expected them to play their next game against BYU on ABC Television. A network game on Saturday means more exposure for the University.  

Now the University is being sued for 10 million dollars by a local coffee shop owner who says she was forced to close her shop on campus due to her support of law enforcement. Idaho Education News reports that the University, current and former officials are named in the suit. You can read the lawsuit here courtesy of Idaho Education News and the Idaho Freedom Foundation.  

University President Doctor Marlene Tromp is named in the suit. Big City's addition applauded when they replaced a national chain on campus. However, some students began a campaign to drive Big City Coffee out of BSU due to their support of law enforcement. Big City officials attempted to work through the concerns of the students. Allegedly the offense was a social media post of a blue line flag. A blue line flag is a symbol of support for law enforcement.   

You can read our story here detailing the tort that was filed months ago. Here is what we shared with you in March concerning the bad optics of a potential lawsuit. The University will have to deal with an actual case that questions the school's narrative of tolerance and inclusion.   

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