The State of Idaho announced that all public universities would be facing budget cuts for the upcoming cycle.  Now, Boise State's President Dr. Marlene Tromp has outlined what BSU plans to do.

Tromp delivered her first budget hearing performance on Friday, and lawmakers were "wowed" according to our news partner KTVB Newschannel 7.

Tromp's presentation highlighted a "vibrant, growing university" that is offering innovation and appeal to a growing amount of students.  Enrollment was up to 26, 272 students last quarter, and when part-time was included, it grows to 32,540.

She said, "We are the state’s largest graduate school, Idaho’s fastest-growing research enterprise and home to a third of all students in Idaho’s public higher education system" and noted that, “Boise State has been gaining national recognition for our accomplishments, our excellence, our quality.”

Her answer for how the school would be addressing the 2% budget reduction for next year focused on challenging leadership inside the school to explore what she called creative solutions.  An example provided was the library cutting subscriptions to several journals, and instead instituting a pay-for-use model.

She did note that the university has committed to students that if they stay with recommendations and guidance for their major, BSU programs should be achievable within a four-year timetable.  Furthur cuts, she warned, could jeopardize that promise and goal.



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